Peace River Agriculture Development Fund – Federal and Provincial Programs

PRAD – Federal

During the 4 year period from April 1998 to March 2002 a total of over $1 million dollars was invested in Agricultural research and development in the BC Peace River Country through an Agriculture & AgriFood Canada fund.

The Fund was made available to all commodity groups, researchers, and others carrying out research into ways of making Agriculture in the Peace better.

Applications to the fund were reviewed by members of an 18 member Consultation Committee with recommendations being made to the BC Peace River Grain Industry Development Council which had the responsibility of approving and monitoring all projects.

Federal PRAD Archived Funding Reports


PRAD – Provincial

The Peace River Agricultural Fund (PRAD) has been fully allocated and is now closed. Funds for the last year of projects, 2017-2018, have been allocated and no further funds are available.  The BC Peace River Grain Industry Development Council is proud to have administered the $1.2 million dollars to projects that promote the agriculture industry throughout British Columbia’s Peace River Region.  Council would like to thank the Province of British Columbia as well as the many farm associations, interest groups and research teams who helped make PRAD a success.

The Peace River Agriculture Development Fund Summary

Over the past 20 years, the Peace River Agriculture Development Fund has been instrumental in supporting the local agriculture community.  Through the duration of the fund, the Grain Industry Development Council administered the fund, and the Ministry of Agriculture staff oversaw fund management and served as an ex-officio.


The Peace River Agriculture Development (PRAD) Fund was established by the Government of BC in 1997 through a contribution of $1.2M to promote the agriculture industry in the Peace River Area of BC. The funds were administered by the Grain Industry Development Council under terms of the B. C. Peace River Agriculture Development Fund Contribution Agreement dated September 5, 1997.  The Council solicited applications annually and approved projects in consultation with representatives of the various commodity sectors in the region. Members of the consultative committee represented the variety of agriculture in the region and ebbed and flowed through the history of the fund, but included:

  • BC Grain Producers Association
  • Game Farming Association
  • Prespatou Farmers Institute
  • Fine Seeds Committee
  • National Farmers Union
  • PR South Bee Keepers Association
  • Hog Producers Association
  • Sheep Breeders Association
  • Egg Producers
  • BC Bison Association
  • Peace River Cattlemen’s Association
  • PR Organic Producers Association
  • Peace River Dairymen’s Association
  • Peace River Farmers Institute
  • PR Soil Conservation Association
  • Peace River Forage Association of BC
  • Peace River Regional District


The Fund was made available to all commodity groups, researchers, and others carrying out research into ways of making Agriculture in the Peace better. Over the 20 years the PRAD funds were allocated, the original $1.2M contributed to a wide variety of projects benefiting the BC Peace and has helped leverage over $6.8M in local projects.

Projects supported through PRAD funds have included:

  • Small plot research
    • Research on local adaptation of new grain and oilseed crops and varieties (i.e. flax, soybean, hemp)
    • Research on new forage seed varieties and agronomic traits
    • Research on agronomic inputs and impact on crop performance
  • Support for local agriculture associations for meetings, seminars and AGMs
    • National seed growers
    • BC Grain Producers information sessions and AGMs
    • Support Grain Producers to sit on national boards and represent their sector on national committees
    • Peace Region Forage Seed marketing and production seminars
    • Strategic planning for Farmers Institutes
    • Business plan development for local agriculture coop business
  • Agronomic research projects including,
    • Fescue rejuvenations
    • Pest and disease management (lygus bugs, stem eyespot, root rot, cutworms)
    • Research of new crop development (i.e. industrial hemp)
    • Research of new management practices (i.e. Aerway, liming)
    • Nutrient management on forage fields to improve winter hardiness
    • Demonstration of new technology to spread compost and manure
    • Improving pasture heath and vigor (through fertilizers, herbicides…)
    • Using livestock to manage landscapes and invasive plants
  • Extension and outreach
    • Production of factsheets
    • Allow producers to attend forage school and conferences
    • Local forage and livestock tours
    • Stock dog clinics and training
    • 4H safety and fitness camp
    • Seminars discussing agri-business and reducing livestock feed costs
    • Interactive soil and forage course field days
    • Mentorship programs
  • Support the agriculture community on local issues
    • Agriculture wildlife challenges
    • Seminar to help beef producers during the BSE crisis
    • BRMB safety net program
    • New oat variety registration


Provincial PRAD Archived Funding Reports

Provincial PRAD Annual Reports