BC Peace River Forage Seed Levy

The BC Peace River Forage Seed Levy was established July 1 2004, applied to sales of forage and turf seeds at a rate of 0.75% of the gross amount payable to the producer.

The Forage Seed Levy is deducted from the sales proceeds payable to the grower by the forage seed buyer, or “first receiver”. Growers have the option of requesting a refund of all or part of their forage seed levy paid the prior calendar year, during the month of January. Contact the Administrator for the Peace River Forage Seed Levy.

Applications for use of the funds for purposes to:

a) benefit and  promote the BC Peace River Forage Forage Seed Industry

b) conduct or support research or educational programs in respect of the development and promotion of the Forage Seed Industry.

Annual reports of the Peace Region Forage Seed Levy are available on request.