BC Wheat and Barley Levies

The British Columbia Peace River Grain Industry Development Council (GIDC) is pleased to confirm approval of the new BC Wheat and Barley Levy by Order in Council (OIC) 232, effective August 1, 2017. OIC 232 authorizes levy collection of $0.48 / tonne on wheat and $ 0.56 / tonne on barley; this is in addition to the existing BC Grain Levy established by OIC 363 in 2004.

The new BC Wheat and Barley levy replaces the former Western Wheat and Barley Check-off.  Regulated by the Grain Industry Development Fund Regulation, the BC Peace River Grain Industry Development Council will administer all grain levies in the province.

Table of Levy Rates and Collection Details

Levy Name Commodity Rate Allocation Collection Calendar Refunds               
BC Grain Levy

(est. 1990)

Grain, oilseed & pulse crops 1/3 of 1% of sales Funding Awards Jan 1 – Dec 31
  • 100 % refundable
  • due Jan 31
BC Wheat & Barley Levy

(est. 2017)

Wheat $0.48 / tonne Research Organizations Jan 1 – Dec 31
  • 100 % refundable
  • due Jan 31
Barley $0.56 / tonne



2016 Plebiscite to Determine Levy Administration

In 2016, the BCPRGIDC plebiscite was conducted. The purpose of this plebiscite was to engage our members in a process that would determine their support in changing administration of the wheat and barley check-off to be assigned to the BC Peace River Grain Industry Development Council.  Voting was open from April 1 – June 27, 2016.

A total of 358 voting members received a voting package. The plebiscite package was also available on this website.  In order for the plebiscite to pass, 25% of 2015 levy payers were required to vote and of those 25%, 60% had to be in favour and represent 50% of levy dollars voted.  Grain Levy payers voted overwhelmingly in support of this resolution as determined by the results below:

Total YES (in favour) NO (against)
Membership: 358 members 96 (26.8%) 92 4
Levy Dollars $$113,710.84 $109,013.30 or 95.9% of 2015 levy dollars $4,697.57 or 4.1% of 2015 levy dollars