Requests for Funding Applications

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Project Funding

Proposals for Levy Funding are received annually before December 15th for projects to be carried out in the following April to March period. Applicants must receive a confirmation of receipt from the GIDC Administration by December 15.

After receipt of applications, Council works through the following procedure between January and March of each year:

  1. Project applications are screened by the Coordinator to ensure various criteria are met, and then the proposals are forwarded to all Council members by the beginning of January for large projects, and immediately for short term projects..
  2. Proposals are read individually by the Council members. At this point it is helpful to make notes of both positive and negative aspects of the proposals. Council members ask themselves the questions – Does it fall within our guidelines? Will it help area farmers?
  3. Large projects are discussed as a full Council. If necessary contact the applicant to 1) attend a future meeting to discuss project, or 2) answer a list of questions on points which need to be clarified.
    • If at this time Council feels comfortable in its understanding of a project it may either pass the project on for second reading (minimum 2 weeks from date of first reading) or reject it outright at this time. If it is rejected it is not eligible for funding and a letter outlining the reasons for its rejection is sent to the applicant ASAP.
    • If Council is not ready to either reject or pass project on to second reading, then it may defer a decision until the necessary information to make a decision is received.
  4. At such time as the final number of projects have passed first reading and are now eligible for funding, it will be necessary for the Council to prioritize the projects.
    • Note that up to this point the acceptance of any project has not been based on the funds Council has available for distribution but only on the merits of the project by itself.
  5. Short term projects are discussed as a full Council either at a meeting or via email exchange. All Short term projects approved via email are reviewed and confirmed at the next regular Council meeting.

Project Assessment Scoring Guide

The following PROJECT ASSESSMENT SCORING GUIDE was developed and used first in 1995 and was thought to be a useful process to aid Council.

  1. Each member of Council will rate projects individually using the ranking system outlined below. This quickly shows the overall priorities of the full Council. If at this time a project is rejected by all Council members (receives no #1’s or #2’s) it is then removed from further consideration.
  2. The remaining projects are ranked and discussed in detail.
  3. Note – at this stage the issue of funds available, cut backs to projects, or other measures are discussed.
  4. Final funding approval vote. This will be done by secret ballot and the question is either YES or NO to fund the project under discussion.
  5. Projects receiving majority support will be funded.

Project Scoring Guide

#1 – High priority
#2 – agree with general thrust, however may wish minor changes or reduction in funding.
#3 – do not support at all – should not be funded.

All projects receiving at least one #1 or one #2 will be discussed. Only a project receiving #3 from all Council members will be rejected outright.

Applications for Peace River Agriculture Development Fund

Same procedures are in place as for Levy applications, with the added requirement that all large project applications are forwarded to the representatives of the commodity groups represented on the PRAD Consultation Committee for review and comment. 

This applies to all projects requesting more than $7500 in PRAD funds and will take one or more seasons to complete the project work.

Short term projects are not referred to the Consultation Committee as this has been part of the Council Initiative funds.

Proposals which request $7500 or less of PRAD and will take less than one season (normally short term projects like summer tours or workshops) are required to submit applications a minimum of two weeks prior to any project commencement. Again, applicants are required to receive confirmation from GIDC Administration of receipt of the application two weeks prior to any project activity.

Input from these groups is received prior to final decisions being made by Council. If no response is received from a group, that group is deemed to be in favor of the project as proposed.


Grain Industry Development Council Forms

Peace River Agriculture Development Fund Forms

Brochure outlining program requirements, application process, funding parameters, dates, etc.

Application form for projects requesting more than $7,500 from PRAD and/or will last more than one year

Application form for projects requesting up to $7,500 in PRAD contributions and/ will last less than one year

Budget Spreadsheet for Short Term Application form above