2016 BCPRGIDC Plebiscite Results

The results of the 2016 BCPRGIDC plebiscite are in!  The purpose of this plebiscite was to engage our members in a process that would determine their support in changing administration of the wheat and barley check-off to be assigned to the BC Peace River Grain Industry Development Council.  Voting was open from April 1 – June 27, 2016.

A total of 358 voting members received a voting package. The plebiscite package was also available on this website.  In order for the plebiscite to pass, 25% of 2015 levy payers were required to vote and of those 25%, 60% had to be in favour and represent 50% of levy dollars voted.  Grain Levy payers voted overwhelmingly in support of this resolution as determined by the results below:

Total YES (in favour) NO (against)
Membership: 358 members 96 (26.8%) 92 4
Levy Dollars $$113,710.84 $109,013.30 or 95.9% of 2015 levy dollars $4,697.57 or 4.1% of 2015 levy dollars